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BoogyWoogy — an homage to Piet Mondrian — lets you explore Harvard Library's collection of almost 13 million items as serendipitiously as you would like.
Begin by entering a term to search for. After that, clicking on a filled-in square will fetch items that are like it. But you get to use the Serendipity Slider to decide what "like it" means. At one end, you'll get items within the same official subject. At the other, you'll get items just barely related, or perhaps not related at all.
To explore any item, right-click on it (or whatever button you use to get a context menu) and confirm that you want to see it in StackLife, a very cool library browser that works with a prior version of LibraryCloud, the open metadata server that is also behind this little app.
In fact, BoogyWoogy is intended just as a demonstration of a little of the power of Harvard LibraryCloud, the server technology that's underneath BoogyWoogy's too-bright colors. You can find out more about LibraryCloud here. (And please note that this app was written by a non-developer. Just a hobbyist. Which, come to think of it, is one of the reasons we're building LibraryCloud. So, have fun!     Hide

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