Footnoter v. 0.1 BETA

As you're writing an HTML-based document, you may want to include footnotes (well, endnotes, actually). I find the easiest way to do this is to embed the footnote text exactly where I want the footnote marker to be, using [[...]] as my marker. Footnoter (this page) pulls the footnotes out of an HTML text, leaves a superscripted, hyperlinked number, and builds a list of hyperlinked footnotes. You can enclose your footnotes in any characters you want; the default is double brackets. For example, in this sentence [[this is a sample footnote]], the phrase "this is a sample footnote" would be treated as a footnote. Please note that nested footnotes will just confuse things.

The resulting page is presented in two parts: the body and the list of footnotes. Below that is a wysiwyg display of what the finished product will look like in a browser.

Footnoter doesn't touch your original file, of course. Just be careful not to paste its results over your original and good file, since its results may be hugely broken.

This is primitive. It's presented to you without warrantee or any obligation of any kind. Do what you want with it, but take it as-is. Thanks. -- David Weinberger, May 15, 2009, [email protected]

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